Cuba – just like you imagine, but different


Cuba! I can’t believe I got to go to Cuba! I’m sure I’m not alone – particularly among Americans – in having dreamt of going to Cuba from a young age.

I tried to keep an open mind for the trip – keeping my eyes wide open, if you will. The trip organizer warned me to expect a different standard. That time didn’t hold the same value as in America. That I might have to forego the basics I was used to. I’m not a luxury traveler, and the part I enjoy most is stepping out of my comfort zone, so I was unfazed and prepared. I did my homework. I read several articles, and books – both fiction and non. And I assumed (and probably not inaccurately) that the story of Cuba I was hearing, might be skewed. I knew no amount of reading would prepare me.

I went in as a wide eyed traveler, and in many ways Cuba lived up to my expectations. But, in many ways, it was the Cubans that surprised me.


I’m on Cuban time

Hey, I’m on a roll – 2 in one day! I’m a little embarrassed it’s taken me this long to start posting. My trip to Cuba was in March, and here we are in July. However, the optimist in me would like to suggest this is a good thing. I’ve had several months to reflect, and work on editing my photos so they show the Cuba I experienced.

Here are a few of my favorites. It might sound cliché, but I really did find the Cuban people to be the best part of my trip. I just found Cubans to be warm and open – quick with a smile and a laugh, and oh so willing to pose for a photo taken by an Americana! CubanButcherBakerartist2artistCubanBaseball